Celebrate life! Leave behind the baggage of the past, consisting of unforgiveness, hurt feelings and anger. Start anew and find joy and a life of purpose. Perhaps our meditation and some insights can help.


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Talk to a Pastor

Free chat with a pastor, free sermon audio, prayer requests, affordable pastoral and spiritual counseling, and much more.

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Victory over Depression

How meditation can help. A success story of someone who overcame negative emotions without drugs. Online free video, audio, and reading resources.

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Spiritual Mental Health Solutions

Read a success story of someone who overcame depression, anxiety and obsessions without drugs. Inspirational and informative, Mike's Story is now available in e-book.

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Relationships and Marriage

Advice and coaching for relationship issues, pre-marriage, positive communication, compatibility, and healing relationships.

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P.T.S.D. and Coping with Emotional Distress

Learn to calm down and let go of anger.

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Positive Parenting Tips

Discipline, fun activities, time outs, homework and much more.

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