Celebrate life! Leave behind the baggage of the past, consisting of unforgiveness, hurt feelings and anger. Start anew and find joy and a life of purpose. Perhaps our meditation and some insights can help.


Your virtual center for spiritual recovery

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Spirituality Radio
The Free Meditation
Video talks about solving issues

Online Christian Radio

Questions answered. Problems solved. Relationships improved. Listen now to the podcast of Roland's amazing radio show. You'll be moved and enlightened. You can call in too!

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The Free Meditation

Easy meditation for concentration, focus and self control. Overcoming distractions and anxiety, and improving productivity and personal effectiveness are just some of the possible benefits.

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Starting Over - A New Video Lecture Series from Roland!

Dedicated to helping you make a fresh start. Shed the shackles of the past consisting of hurt feelings, unhappy memories and negative emotions. Start over again and move forward to a life of joy and purpose. Join Roland for this new inspirational and informative guide to a total spiritual makeover. Just click on the link to begin watching at Youtube now.

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Stress Solutions

Read a success story of someone who overcame depression, anxiety and obsessions without drugs. Inspirational and informative, Mike's Story is now available in e-book.

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Relationships and Marriage

Advice and coaching for relationship issues, pre-marriage, positive communication, compatibility, and healing relationships.

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Prayer Meditation

Want to improve your prayer life? Having trouble praying? Worries, doubts and fears getting in the way of your prayers? I have made a prayer meditation to help people find a closer walk with God.

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Christian Marriage in Focus

Articles and audio to help you solve marriage issues and heal your relationship. Preview Roland's marriage books to find solutions written from a pastor's perspective.

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Positive Parenting Tips

Tips to help develop positive parenting skills. Making homework fun, time outs that work, math and science, and Roland's parenting books too!

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"I listened to your meditation online, and it is beautiful." Raul - San Francisco

"Roland, thanks for being there. You helped me get through a really rough time." John - San Mateo

"Heard you this morning. You were right, as always." Eva - Berkeley

"This is very good info! Thanks!" Bill S. somewhere in the U.S.A.

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